Why Tot's Academy?

Why Tot's Academy?
  • Does your child converse in english but there are lot of grammatical errors while writing?
  • Does your child excel in academics but still you want to enhance his/her vocabulary skills?
  • Does your child feel inferior when he/she is put in front of people conversing in English?

Well! We are here to help you and your tot!


Grammar at Tot's Academy

When learning or using a language, many people find that their grammar is far from perfect. But grammar is inescapable; it is the backbone of any language and must be understood in order for one to communicate effectively. Every time you write something, you are being judged for your grammar, even if it is subconscious. Having good grammar simply makes you look more intelligent, so it is important for everyone to spend a little time perfecting theirs.


Vocabulary at Tot's Academy

Generally, school-age children learn about 3,000 new words a year, but only about 10 percent of these words come from direct vocabulary instruction. The rest come from their everyday experiences with oral communication, listening to text read aloud. In Tot's Academy we reinforces the child to be curios about the meaning and use of unfamiliar words and promote the use of strategies that will help students find the meaning of unfamiliar words and use it in day to day life.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing at Tot's Academy

Writing essays & comprehensions.
Skill of Writing, enables one to express his thought, ideas, opinions and viewpoints in a organised way. So, free expression of ones ideas on various subjects especially in writing, is an important aspect of learning a language. And it is through written composition that we get trained in the ability of Clear Expression. Therefore , this class will discuss in detail the importance of writing and the different types into which we can categorize our writing.

Early exposure to reading comprehension questions and awareness of story details will help strengthen your childs ability to process what they read. Your child will also become a better reader as they practice connecting what they read to their experiences. Discussion of story details and daily writing practice reinforces active reading skills.


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Off Pune - Satara Road,
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